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Japanese Music Cult

For the clinically obsessed

A nice Circle of J-Rock Friends
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jrockcult is a J-Rock/J-Pop community dedicated to Japanese Rock and Pop as a whole. We will accept anything (pictures, icons, wallpapers, music request, info on artist, etc.) J-Rock or J-Pop related.

Mind you the layout is under construction, it will be up ASAP, but don't be afraid to post if you do join.

Please make a post introducing yourself and maybe some bands you like and other stuff about you ^^ We would like everyone in the community to be friends ^^

Theme: Our current theme features ナイトメア. Made by wasurerarenai. Images taken from Rukaism. Ummm, spread the Ruka <333333 ^o^

tez_na_nox - The creator of this whole thing. Has great plans for wanting to rule the world, starting with this community!
vampyrekei - The evil one out of the bunch, always best to keep on her good side.
itsbekkitoyou - The quiet one who loves Gackt, and wants to have his babies.
wasurerarenai - The J-Rock Goddess! All must bow down before her! WE COMMAND THEE! She is also called "Sensei" by some. (don't listen to them o__o;; - Natalie) (was ichigopocky)

1.) No flamming or spamming the community/post/comments. We administer the 3 Strike rule.
Strike 1: A warning by one of the mods.
Strike 2: 3 Day Ban
Strike 3: Permanent Ban and a report to LiveJournal abuse.

2.) Everything must be either J-Rock or J-Pop related in some way shape or form.

3.) You can promote any J-Rock or J-Pop community you wish, but please, only do it ONCE. Multiple promotion post will be deleted and counted as spam.

4.) All images must be behind an LJ-Cut. For Icons, you can give up to 3 spoilers, but please, be respectful to those with dial-up and lj-cut.

5.) This is not your personal journal, so don't tell us about your day unless it involved something related to the communities intrest that is serious. Nothing like "I listened to Gackt all day!".

6.) When something is posted that you want (such as a song, PV, image, icon and what not) please comment and let them know you are taking it. It's just simple respect there ^^

7.) Praying and bowing down to wasurerarenai, the J-Rock Goddess, must be done daily!
**Rule set in by vampyrekei** ^_^v

8.) All post must be friends only. Any that are made public will be rejected. Sorry but it's the law here ^^;;

Abide by these rules and all will be fine. plzthx.

If you wish to be an affiliate, please contact one of the 4 mods via LJ, post in the community, or Email. Thx.

Just copy and past the following code onces you have gotten premission to affiliate with us.

played_in_japan (banner coming soon)

7 Dec 2004 : Opened up! ^.^v Bring all your J-Rock and J-Pop friends and family over here!! ^.^v

9 Dec 2004 : New font page look! Done by vampyrekei without the consent of the other Mods! >_>;; Shame on you, vampyrekei!! EDIT : Errr...They stop letting vampyrekei play with Photoshop and put up ichigopocky's images instead! ^_^;;

10 Dec 2004 : Layout up!! Made by me, wasurerarenai! Yay for Ruka!! <3 I also fixed up the userinfo...nice and neat XD

13 Dec 2004 : Mod name change. ichigopocky is now wasurerarenai!!

13 Dec 2004 : There's a contest currently going on for all members!! Click HERE for more details about it!!